National Year 7 Cross Country Final – Prestwold Hall Leicestershire – Saturday 25th March 2017

Those selected in each team will shortly receive a letter from the Team Manager giving full details.

(Spelling: If your surname is spelled incorrectly, or if your first name is not as you prefer (“Bob” may prefer to be
“Robert” or vice versa) then please contact Selby Brock as soon as possible. email:


Elana Inch Kirklees
Erin Hunt Wakefield
Holly Brewster Kirklees
Isabel Richardson Calderdale
Amy Hunt Wakefield
Emma Mitchell Calderdale
Katie Stringer Wakefield
Sidonie Malcher-Akesson Calderdale
Amy Mourne Kirklees
Emily Gibbons Bradford
Isla Swarbrigg Leeds
Emily Brook Kirklees


Kristian Green Kirklees
Sam Conroy Bradford
Oliver Blamires Calderdale
Wilbur Summerson Bradford
Samuel Mantle Bradford
Oliver Peace Bradford
Alex Stacey Kirklees
Ethan Hodgson Leeds
Ben Brewster Kirklees
Ned Hughes Calderdale
Matthew Vale Kirklees
Freddie Roden Leeds